The Fancy Brigade Association is starting something new for our annual 2022 Fest and Finale.  Not only that, we felt the need to ensure that we reach out to our Brigade Community but also help raise money for a good cause.

As we embark on Philadelphia’s great tradition year in and year out, we not only spend time remembering all of those who have left us in past years, but we also remember those who have left us recently.  

To show honor and tribute to those loved ones, we are creating a virtual remembrance board both on our website all year long as well as a large screen monitor to be displayed all 7 days when the Brigades move in, practice, and perform in a prime location for all to see!

Donations are as follows:
1 Name for $5
3 Names for $10
10 Names for $20

For every $1 we collect, $1 will be donated back to the Gift of Life Donor’s Charity. To Learn More, please click here.

When donating, you can place the name in your comments field.  We will then record and add to our website. This name will also be displayed on our remembrance board in the Pennsylvania Convention Center from December 26th, 2021 through January 2, 2022.

Thank you for your participation,
The Officers, Trustees, and Members of the Fancy Brigade Association